B2E | Connect and Collaborate

With your people

Bringing us closer together

We’ve all learnt the art of workplace collaboration through remote channels, but how can we develop this to include personal impact?

'Connect and collaborate' combines our experience of company events and digital UX to design the best formats for reaching employees. Remote conferences, networking and training can be efficient ways to achieve company goals, eliminating physical limitations and engaging people interactively. What we ensure is that it's not at the expense of human connection.

B2E services

  • Participant research and personas
  • Cross-channel journey mapping
  • Web interface design and build
  • Real-time content production
  • Data dashboard
  • Event design and production
  • Post-event content

B2E experiences

  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Guest management
  • Training and development sessions
  • Networking and internal communications
  • Stage Designs
  • Chatbots